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I have been doin much reading on requirements for adjustable panhard bars when you lower your rear end. I lowered my 07 vert with the Eibach adj rear coil/coil-over kit and the left wheel is sticking out farther than the right so I assume the rear end is off center to the left. This is all simple enough but if the panhard bar goes top left to bottom right and you lower the car should it not push the rearend to the right? I have the rear spings adjusted to their highest adjustment, still over an inch lower than stock, if I lower them will it push the rear to the right? I did not pay as much attention to this with the stock spring because with the 4 inches of space between the top of tire to fender lip it was not noticable. I plan to purchase a adj panhard bar regardless but I am trying to understand the rear suspension geometry. Thanks!

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