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Son of GT

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Any color you want as long as it's white or orange. I like the scalloped deep draw hood.



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Yeah, there is another thread in the general automotive we have been discussing this in since yesterday for more opinion and insight.



Yeah, just saw your forum right after I started this one. I'll just let this one run it's course.

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It's been mentioned elsewhere (and ought to be included in any announcement that comes from Ford Racing) that these cars are sold on a bill of sale, have a serial number and not a VIN number, and are not street legal. If you go to your Ford new car guy and ask about it he'll shrug his shoulders and think your bona fide nuts. Go to the parts department and he'll write up a ticket and take your money.


More info: These are race ready. II was allowed behind the ropes at Barrett Jackson a few years ago when the Cobra Jet was announced. They are wicked. The weight and horsepower are set for one particular class, although weight can be shed, and HP added to ready it for others. The weight isn't just ballast either, you do have to remove things. Surprisingly enough the CJ had a back seat - it had to do with shielding required for the battery in the trunk. No radio, no windshield wipers, no air bags, pretty spartan. Skinny front tires and drag radials from the factory though. Oh and roll bar and 6 point harnesses.


One additional thing: For the CobraJet, everything that was ADDED or CHANGED was available from Ford Racing Parts. So you could take your Mustang and make it look like a CJ. I don't know if they will do that with the Boss, but that hood sure does look sweet :)

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