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4 original Shelby GT500KR wheels FA


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It's not my auction, I just ran across this and thought someone here might be interested in a set of near cherry KR wheels.


He says they are original *RESTORED* KR 15"x7" wheels, no center caps or lugs and currently has NO bids on 'em and the starting bit is at $1950.oo


My first thought was "damn, it would be really cool to put these on a modern day (2008-2009) KR!


Not sure if they'd clear the front calipers or not but I suspect the bolt pattern is still the same.





Phill Pollard

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I'm looking for a nice set of hubcaps for my '68 KR. In fact only approximately 20% of '68's were equipped with 10 spokes. Most were delivered with hubcaps. Mine was, but they are long gone. Hence the search...


The latest word from the "experts" (or the "hubcap brigade" as I tend to call them :-) ) is that only 3 KRs were factory-equipped with 10-spokes, and those were all export vehicle. Dealerships may have added 10-spokes, but that is usually tough to prove, so 10-spokes are not considered "Concours-Correct" for KRs.


I do have my hubcaps still, in a box up in the attic. Foolishly, I gave away the steel-wheels. They weren't original, actually they weren't even Ford wheels, but now I discover that the 15x6 steel wheels are getting extremely hard to find. If I do decide to go with the hubcaps, I'm going to have to start trawling junkyards to try and find some, but I think that may be even harder than finding hub-caps...



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Yes, good 15x6 steel wheels are hard to find, I have a set that I put on if taking the KR to a show, but the car looks soooo much better with the ten spokes. BTW there are about 5 variations of the ten spoke wheels.

Your NOS covers are worth 500.00 ea or more if sold on Ebay



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