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need to upgrade need advice.. plz


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i have an 07 shelby gt-500 tt, hellion kit.. doing 740 whp on low boost have a built gt40 motor and need to turn the boost up but having traction issues.. want to go with after market wheels and tires.. thinking of 19/9.5 265/30 fronts and 19/11.5 335/30 backs.. mostly road racing.. need something that works good driving in canyons and circuit tracks.. also another thing was wight ,need to knock of some wight.. thought of going with f14's with nto5r's but just drove my buddies c6 zo6 tt 640 whp with the nto5r's and was really impressive driving straight but in turns was not at all, since its a drag radial.. what tires/wheels do you guys think i should go with..

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