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From Pro 5.0 to MGW


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As promised, I'd post my opinions, so... I just switched from the Pro 5.0 to the MGW. First of all, let me say that I liked the Pro 5.0 and never missed a gear with it. It has been great for the past 2 years. I had it on the shortest setting which was a little notchy, but expected. The only thing I disliked about it was that while in gear, you could wiggle it from side to side over an inch...just felt weird to me.


Now, the MGW... I've always wanted to try one of their shifters because of how much everyone that has one loves it, so I did :). What a quality piece. Top notch materials, the best instructions I have ever received with any car part EVER, and just overall very nice. On the first test drive this morning, it is very smooth (I have it set on 5), but the throw is a little longer than the Pro 5.0. I will probably try a setting of 7 next and see how it goes. I'm willing to put up with a little notchiness for a shorter throw. It finds every gear flawlessly, and I'm very happy with the change. As for the side to side motion, it probably cut it in half, but it's a lot stiffer, so I'm glad I made the change. I think no matter what, we will have a little just because of the way the linkage is set up.


For anyone that is buying a new shifter, I highly recommend MGW, you won't be disappointed. I have tried most of the other brands through the years, but MGW will be my first stop from here on out.


For anyone that wants to save a few dollars and still get a nice shifter, I'm selling the Pro 5.0 for $200 shipped.

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I was wondering if anyone has compared these shifters to the Steeda Tri-Ax . I have the Steeda and have never diriven another car that shifts as well. I'm not an expert but have driven different sticks. The Steeda rocks IMO.



I had the tri ax on my 07. Just got the mgw for my 11, but haven't installed yet. MGW called me about the shaft thread diff, so I told them to wait in shipping until the new shafts were done since I want to retain the stock ball.


I'll post my testing and diff from tri ax when done.

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I had MGW shifters on both of my Cobras and they were absolutely the best I've ever used. I too have had them all and before MGW, was a Pro 5.0 loyalist because it was the only one I never broke in one way or another. The MGW shifters took their place on the top of my list and I wish they would have made one when I bought my 10' because I wouldn't think twice about getting one for it.

Unfortunately I had already installed a Shelby shifter before MGW came out with the new shifter for us. I'm still pondering swapping, but its hard to justify ditching a brand new shifter that would otherwise have been perfectly fine if the MGW never came out :banghead: .

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I have the Shelby shifter. I do a lot of racing and I never miss a gear. The shifter is tight and a little notchy. It is not as smooth as the stock shifter. Over all I am happy with it. I have heard about the MGW and would like to try one. I just can't justify pulling out the one I have that works fine.

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