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Went for a drive and snapped some pics


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It was fairly nice out today so I went for a spin and snapped a few pics. If you yhink traction with these cars is a problem on a warm day you should try driving one on a day with the temp in the low 40° range sucking in cool dense air at sea level!!! OMG!! I breaks them loose hard even when I pull 4th gear!! I love this car!!! :shift:















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Great shots. Have you taken her up to Whistler on some of the twisties?


BTW, can you get premium fuel for a $1 / liter or less? Curious.


I've been to Whister a couple of times in the GT500, great fun but with the new speeding laws a guy has to be very careful (40 kmph over gets your car impounded and you get a one week suspension)!! On my last fill up I paid $1.35 per liter for 94 octane at Chevron.

Here's a couple pics driving up to Whistler this summer.




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i luv that color--pics just dont do it justice.I was in my car today and saw a grabber blue a few cars behind me--i let him pass me on the Interstate (it was a GT) and man thats car glows--just a unique color in person


I really like the grabber blue. I originally was going to take the one the dealer had in kona blue w/silver stripes until I saw the grabber blue one. I think the GT500 looks great in any of the color combo's and with or without stripes. It's tough pick and settle on one color. Lol.

But Grabber Blue wins the "Look at me!!" award. :woohoo:

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