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2011 Non SVTPP Car with FRPP Springs Installed


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Well today I had the FRPP springs and BMR panhard installed on my 2011 GT500. I thought I'd post a few for those out there with non PP cars that are looking to get rid of the 4x4 look. The ride is slightly harsher, but extremely tolerable. I like how it eliminated the rake of the car and leveled it out. Here's a few cell phone pics:








for comparison here's a stock pic:




I'll add the shocks/struts once Ford gets them figured out sometime in the first quarter of 2011. Oh, and as a side note, the Shelby CC plates don't work with the stock strut mounts on a 2011. I didn't need them in this case, but have them to add when i do install the new struts.

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I put them on my car yesterday, its a 2011 conv. It dropped mine just right to me. Mine measures in back 27 3/4 to the lip of fender measuring from middle of wheel to ground and the front measures 27 1/2 to lip to ground. I would say it dropped 1.25 in rear and 1 inch front.

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