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Mods/1/4 mile question


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A hypothetical question regarding the Ford Racing 750hp upgrade for the 2011.


Armed with said mod, what would the 1/4 time be with an (admittedly) medicore driver?


Would other mods be in order - driveshaft, tranny improvements?


How would the car respond to a set of drag radials or slicks?


Thanks, all!

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I knocked a second off my 1/4 ET with MT drag radials, 1 piece drive shaft and upper/lower control arms and I dont have a lot of seat time at the track. I would say tires would be the first change.


Im probably selling my 18" rims and MT's if you are interested. Setting the car up for road racing only at this point..


PM me if interested.. For that matter all my BMR components are coming off the car. UCA/LCA, panhard bar and lowering springs..



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I think the OP is asking what is the 1/4 mile for the super snake packaged gt500s (750 hp) if I am not mistaken.



Well I'll erase my prior post for I am ignort of the answer for such a question. :finger:

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Sorry for not being clearer; for the 2011 GT500, there is only one Power Pack - the 750hp blower, intake, throttle body, dual fuel pum Pak.


Am seriously thinking about that for spring (who can exist w/ only 550hp!?), and am wondering how much quicker the car will be, and waht other mods will be warranted for traction and reliability.


thaks again, friends!

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