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a friend of mine recently told me he made a mistake by overwriting the back up copy of his original factory tune while loading up an update for his Diablo Predator.

I told him I'd ask around and see what he can do.

He's very concerned about losing his warranty if he has to contact Ford for help in getting the original tune replaced.

Is there any way he can do this without losing his warranty coverage?

Please help!

His Mustang is a GT and he's running it on a canned tune so at least he can still drive it. He's not so much worried about it for himself as much as he is for taking it in for tuneups or if anything major should go wrong he wants to be able to reload the original backup tune before taking it in for service.

Thanks very much in advance for any help!


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I think that once you've downloaded the originial tune and replaced it with another tune that you've already voided the warranty? Right? I also believe that the onboard computer registers the replacement...so it's already recorded as having been replaced.

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