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Rear Axle Gear Modification and Warranty Impact


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Does anybody know the extent to which changing a 3.55 rear axle ratio to a 3.73 could potentially impact warranty coverage for the rest of the vehicle?


I realize Ford is technically required to cover any item unless its failure resulted from, and is attributable to, owner modification - but as with most things, if you have to even think about having to compel the other party to perform, you've already lost. I'd appreciate knowing any first-hand experience or problems others have had obtaining warranty coverage for other power train components after modifying the rear axle ratio (for example, the drive shaft, transmission, or any engine component)?


My reason for asking is two-fold. Although my present GT500 has the 3.73 rear axle included with the SVTPP, I'd like to know my options and the potential consequences for other Mustangs (GT500's in particular) which may not have the SVTPP and come with 3.55 rear axles that could be modified later - and for other vehicles like Taurus SHO that has a Performance Package option that includes a other elements like summer-only tires in addition to a higher rear axle ratio I may prefer to have independently.


Thanks in advance for any helpful information or insight available.

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