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celiac disease

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How do you cope with it.



Something you might want to read is information about the Paleo diet. I have lost over 13 lbs and it is a very healthy way to eat. It does follow the idea of gluten free along with many other healthy and beneficial things to know.




PS-I think this would go a long way in assisting you in managing this and better health.

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My wife has Celiac Disease. She copes with it, with a very strict diet. No wheat , bran or any of their relatives. Until she was diagnosed with it she had lost about 25lbs. One of

the symptones she had was acute intestinal pain whenever she ate . Followed by a quick trip to the rest room. She has not eaten (intentionally)gluten in the past 4 years and

is back to her normal weight with no discomfort internally. Celiac is a hard one to diagnose because it affects people in different ways with different symptons.

Best of luck to whoever has it. Don & Gina

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will be praying for you.Have you looked at this..check it out






Really good website Blown. That pretty much follows what the paleo diet states in regards to grains, pastas etc. I saved it for myself also.

Thanks for the link!

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Thank you all for thr information. I'm not 100% sure if i have celica disease just yet I have to back to the doctor on Friday after my 2 week gluten free diet. All I know do far from the doctor is something in my blood test was way high and he wanted to start me on a 2 week diet and see if it helps Issume there will be more test friday. I have been eating mostly rice wich really sucks but I do fell better.



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best of luck with the test.

keep in mind you can " Have a false negative but not a false positive".test result. A lot of people are missdiagnosed as not having celiac disease when they actually do.

If your feeling better you might as well stay with the diet for a while anyhow , and let your body heal some.


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My Mom has the disease, but it's symptoms are an itchy rash on her arms and elsewhere. She never mentioned GI discomfort, but it may be present from time to time.


It is far from the end of the world... It appears to be in the genetics of people from the UK area and Scandinavia. My genetic formula is about a third of that. "Celiacs" may be predisposed to polyps in the large intestine, so you should be "scoped" at 40 rather than 50.


You know all about the gluten-free diets, however there are plenty of gluten-free cake, bread, rolls, pancake mixes available, and pasta too.

Mom is far from a strict disciple of the diet, yet her "flare-ups are rare, and/or short lived. If she has an issue she will be more careful for a week or so...

I'm watching all this because I might inherit the "sensitivity" as well. It didn't show up until much later in her life (60's).


I hope this helps.

I wish you well.



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