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Cen-Tex SVT "Breakfast @ Rudy's"


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After some unfortunate happenings at the local "cars and coffee", we have started our own Breakfast @ Rudy's. Since this is a new gathering, we will start on the last Saturday of the month. That means it is set for next Saturday on 11/27/10. If everyone likes it we can go for weekly weather permitting.


We can set it to happen between 8 and 10am. You can come and go as you please. You can also park in any non handicapped spot, unless you have a permit. It is all pavement

(yay!). We need to observe only two rules. NO aggressive driving in the lot and buy something for breakfast (and they have Dublin Dr. Pepper). That will make us welcome customers in the future.

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The last Saturday of the month is the San Antonio cars and coffee, but if you do it weekly or every other week I might be able to make it every once in a while.




We have now changed this to the second Saturday of the month. Had a decent turn-out for our first gathering last week and can't wait to see this grow. Next one on the 11th!!

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