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head/arm rest cover?


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a kid on a local forum had some shelby parts for sale. i think he was needing money because after about a month with no one hittin he started dropping his price. i ended up picking up a set of headrest covers with the snake and shelby on them and an arm rest cover new in the packaging for 50 bucks. anyhow its black leather with white stitching. anyone know if i can get this stitching died red to match the car with out it rubbing off to the leather?


also if anyone has them. on the arm rest did you pull off your stock leather or just wrap it over it?




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I'd say, red Marks-a-Lot or Sharpie or if you wanted a little better, get a thing of Rite dye. Prolly save you a ton.


My early 07 very came with red stitching on the dash and shifter (I think every one's did back then, they must have gotten some red thread on sale at hobby lobby or something)....one medium point Sharpie and she red no more. Has lasted on my vert top down hot sun 4 years now...

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