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New Paypal Protections for forum (non-ebay) purchases.


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So while back I had a bad experience with a forum purchase (not here) by receiving a part that was obviously used after being advertised as brand new. I came to find out that under Paypal guidelines, all the seller had to do was prove delivery and no form of a claim on my behalf would be recognized... regardless of photo, email or other evidence.


I then proceeded to let the several forums I frequent know that everyone should at least be advised that the perceived protections of Paypal were not very much, if at all, present for non-ebay purchases. A simple PSA if you will.


THAT SAID, Good news, I have an update! I was informed today that Paypal recently changed it policies and now extends it's SNAD or "Significantly Not As Described" claim coverage to all transactions, regardless of website origin (barring exclusions of materials we shouldn't have to worry about). Below is a link to the legal jargon for the change. And I called them to confirm it and they said the change was in response to the plethora of customers they were losing from such unsavory experiences as mine. Ones where delivery was the only confirmation point, even in circumstances when all that was delivered as a box of rocks.


New Non-ebay Paypal Coverage


I just thought I'd take a minute to let everyone know about this so as to say it's now just a little bit safer to buy all those GREAT forum deals you come across every now and then. Does this mean you're 100% covered? NO. I'm SURE there will still be circumstances where Paypal may side with the seller... this is simply to say the will CONSIDER issues for not being as described from sellers now , when not purchased on ebay... this is a BIG change.


Cheers, JR

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