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Shelby Merchadise Mugs

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First, normally I'm a laid back guy but this bugged me. Listen to this, I ordered 2 Carroll Shelby travel mugs from Carroll Shelby Merchandise and they arrived today. I paid $19.95 each for them and the shipping was $25 (cheapest shipping). Well they were advertised as screw in lids on the mugs (not) they are suction type and I particularly wanted the screw in because it's best for not spilling, 2nd I washed them as suggested in the instructions (warm soapy water) and when I peeled off the round "made in China" label off the bottom a piece of rubber from the completely rubber covered bottom the same size as the label came off also. Pretty sad that these came from CS's merchandise and to charge $25 for shipping of 2 items that weighs less than a pound is pretty sad also. I learned a lesson on this one and did send an email to them explaining my disappointment in their product..


Rant over

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Just another thought on shipping. On the surface it seems pretty expensive. You have the person who ordered it to the warehouse, the person who unloaded off the delivery truck, the person who stocked on the shelf at the warehouse, the person who took the customers order, the person who pulled the order we place, the person who actually took the time to wrap, box, label and ship it. Could also be all the same guy in the back making minimum wage. I have no idea, just trying to make some scene of it.

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Shipping used as a profit center is a pet peeve of mine. Shipping is one thing. Shipping and "handling" is another. I have noticed that more and more vendors are advertising free shipping. I know they building into the price somewhere but, for some reason, that does not bother me. The price is the price and I either take it or leave it. How many times have you went to order something and then did not when you saw the shipping price?


Bummer on the mugs. Check back in after you follow up with them.



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I have always had to call the Shelby Store directly to "negotiate" my shipping charges...


I once ordered a set of valve stem caps and 3 keychains and they quoted $18.95 for the shipping.

After phone call, flat rate of $9.99


While ordering online is nice (and usually taking place in the middle of the night after a few beers), wait until morning (sober) and call it in...



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We're not part of Caroll Shelby Merchandise. They purchase items from licensees and resell them in one combined catalog.


Shipping can be tricky. If you order a key chain, for example, it's calculated at one pound as that's the min. UPS weight. USPS live does offer shipping weight by the ounce, but their connection and rates are not consistent.


Kam will try to reduce the shipping charge on invoices before we capture any funds. Some do get through. We always encourage people to call if they believe shipping is too much and we will absolutely make adjustments.


I think the point is however, that you should NOT have to call to get a correct shipping rate. Shipping should be right the first time. We play with the formula weekly and work with Fed Ex every 6-8 weeks on their rates to help ensure this is the case.


We've gotten a lot better, but mistakes happen - especially when "live rates" go down for maintenance.

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I was duped too... It leaks around the seal (coffee down my shirt...), the metal oval CS logo plate fell off a week later (yes it was hand washed), and the rubber bottom (where the Made in China label was affixed) fell off shortly thereafter. Thank goodness for Gorilla Glue. A quality product? I think not... Here's the link: http://www.carrollshelbymerchandise.com/home-and-office-drinkware-c-100_102/black-wrap-carroll-shelby-travel-tumbler-p-829

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As Sharon & Rob have mentioned Shelby Merchandise is a licensee and not part of Shelby American. I found these two items on their website that may be helpful:


Catalog Orders

Our Shelby Merchandise Crew builds and maintains your online catalog. Carroll Shelby expects fans and customers to be completely satisfied and our staff is ready to respond. Please contact our Customer Care consultants if you have questions or suggestions.


Carroll Shelby Merchandise

200 American Way

Windsor, CA 95492

Phone: (800) 655-8100

Fax: (707) 236-1650

Email: info@carrollshelbymerchandise.com


If you have a suggestion to improve our products and services, please let us know by emailing: customerservice@carrollshelbymerchandise.com.


And this explains the shipping charge:


Carroll Shelby Merchandise ships via Federal Express to all United States destinations. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout time based upon the shipping address you provide. We add 3lbs for packaging and handling to every carton we ship. We do not ship internationally at this time.

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