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2011 GT500 Long Tube Headers and Exhaust Systems


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I know on Evoperform's site and Lethal Performance's site too, they have a list of longtubes containing companies like ARH, Kooks, and Stainless Works and mufflers by Borla, Magnaflow, Stainless Works, and a couple of others. Evoperform said they had a long tube header system from bassani and Borla with the XR-1 headers, but I checked on these sites and they say they don't have it for the 2011 year. I also know that the 2011 5.4 is a bit different than the 2010 5.4. The question I am raising is, are other headers companies are going to develop or are developing a set of long tube headers for the 2011 GT500? I'd like to see JBA, Dynatech Bassani, and even Roush (mufflers only for roush) have a setup for the 2011 GT500. I believe Alex (vapor08gt500) is also working on an MMS Muffler for the '11s too. I feel like I am limited to these few choices that these sights already give me.

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UPDATE: Bassani is developing an exhaust system throughout January 2011 and a 2011 GT500 is needed as a test car for Bassani. Anyone who lives in California or on the west coast who wants to have their car used to help Bassani develop their new exhaust systems should either respond to the main thread I created in the 2011 GT500 forum or contact Bassani for more information and if you want to volunteer to have your 2011 GT500 used as a test car for Bassani to use to help develop their exhaust.

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UPDATE: Bassani has FINALLY developed an exhaust system for the GT500



FYI - ARH has long tubes for the 2011. I called the company to confirm. They also have the catted H and X pipes.


I know that already TS member Tom@ARH had video of his car on a dyno with has car with the ARH headers.


Tasca has a video to. Go to the end for the sound of the 500 on the dyno.

TascaModShop 2011 GT500 with ARH headers


We also need clips of the 2011-2012 with an ARH and bassani or magnaflow combo. Imagine how that would sound.


JBA has also created headers/ exhaust for the 2011 mustang GT 5.0. I wonder if they are also working on a setup for the 2011 Gt500.......

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