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Legacy Ford, Rosenberg, TX


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"Anyone know these clowns"...


Purchased our Expedition from them in April 2007. Got a good deal, several thousand below invoice, so we started off on the right foot. Then I had to take it in for a recall (minor door latch issue) and the service writer tried to sell me on all sorts of other things - "power flush injector treatment" and similar. I haven't been back...(purchased the Shelby elsewhere).

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Just love the guys...notice the GT$ so as to not actually call it a GT and what in the #$% is a E500-SR. Is there no shame at all? And some poor uninformed buyer is going to pay good money for that. What a shame.


I had a local dealer back in '07 tell a lady that wanted a vert, that they were not making the convertible and convinced her to purchase a hard top. It killed me to tell her I had one almost 9 months before she bought her hardtop with a $10k adm...

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