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San Antonio Ford Experience


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I made the trip to San Antonio this week and had a flat tire. I ran over some stuff on the interstate coming into Houston Sat. and it seems I picked up a couple of nails in my tire.

The tire went down Sat. night, so I filled it Sunday morning before heading into San Antonio. Parked the car in a garage across from the hotel Sunday. Checked on it Monday and the tire seemed fine. Tuesday around 7pm I decided to give it one more check because I was headed out Thursday, just to make sure the tire was alright.

The tire was flat so I called the Ford Roadside Assistance that was available because the car was still under warranty. I have had AAA for years but why not use Ford this time.

The person on the other end of the phone had no clue but I gave her enough info the get the car picked. Since I was at a business conference I had them schedule the tow the next day at 3pm.

The tow truck came about 2:45 with what little info Ford had given him, even told him the wrong height for the garage clearance. Ford had gotten most of it wrong but the guy that was in the tow truck was AWESOME. He was from Access Towing and did everything to make sure the car was handled properly. He was also a Ford guy, had some Falcons, Mustangs, and now has a Marauder. Took about an hour go get the truck in the garage hook up and the maneuver down the 5 story garage. I can not say enough about how good of a job he did.

Ford sent us to Northside Ford just off the Interstate. It was an old Target store from what I understand that they converted to a dealership. I know I have seen some info here that there is 2 Northside Fords in San Antonio and I don't know which one this is but I was very impressed.

We arrived about 4pm and my tire was fixed in just a few min. and they never charged me a dime.


All I can say is I worried the whole day about he problems with the car being 800 miles from home, but that was the best experience I have ever had with car trouble in another city.


Access towing and Northside Ford did a great job for me, hope they work our well for others.

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