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Just Purchased Shelby

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Hello there Team Shelby,


just purchased a 2007 Shelby Gt white one,

the car is all orginal stock as can be

with 1000 miles, I assume it has orginal hood pins etc ( do they need to be changed ? )

what does everyone recommend other than a oil change as it is prob orginal ??

what oil and filter ??

what are some of the must have options that I should do ?

would def like to get this car up to speed which has been locked away for 3 years




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Yup, Welcome to the Insanity! Don't even go there on what oil to use...it's a matter of preference...just as long as it meets Ford requirements...Like FordRocks1, I use Mobil 1 5W20 Full Synthetic and FL820 Motorcraft filter every 5,000 miles...I also add Z-Max fuel and oil additive at every oil change...


Mods, just start building a list and go from there...to each his own...


Enjoy the car, drive it like you stole it and have fun!



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Top of the list ought to be a decent set of tires. Beyond that, the list is potentially endless. If I was starting from scratch, I'd do tires, brakes, minor suspension upgrades, supercharger, in that order. Good luck and welcome.

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No. 1 - Get Carrol Shelby's autograph on your airbag cover.


I agree w/ Kahmann, except at only 3 years old I wouldn't worry about the tires just yet, although if you have the dough, sure, go ahead and upgrade them, along with some lightweight wheels unless you want to retain the original bullets (as I do). The stock tires are fine, and good tires, but being of the all-season variety their are many more grippy options. My plan has just been to naturally wear out my original BFG's, to get my money's worth out of them, and then move onto whatever the preferred tire is at that time.


I started w/ the autographn then the brake upgrades (drilled & slotted rotors, s/s brake lines), then did the rear lower control arms and adj. panhard bar. The next things I would like to do are the aluminum driveshaft and a performance tune (such as Brenspeed).


Currently I'm taking care of my rusty butt (see my other topic)....


Congrats on your new SGT and welcome to the forums!!

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Can someone tell me how the dash plate thing comes off so I can send it

out for a signature, I have the IUP package






Disconnect the battery, then turn the ignition on for 5 minutes to completely void the Can bus of any voltage


Remove the glove box door


Remove two screws holding airbag assembly to the dash frame.


Unplug the electrical connector from the rear of the airbag assembly


relieve the pressure from the lower attachment serrated clips on the panel where it meets the dash and the cover with airbag will pop out


Gently pry airbag retaining clips from the airbag cover.


The airbag can be reinstalled and made operational while you are waiting for the autograph.

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What mods to add? Boy, that's a loaded question! You'll see it all here, from certain people who SWORE they would never mod, to others who never seem to stop!


I think rule one is to mod to YOUR heart's content! If you think it's right, then go for it - because it is YOUR car!


I've seen a lot of SGTs here (and elsewhere) and tried to keep the appearance mods to a minimum, only putting things on that suited my tastes or enhanced the overall performance of the car.


Rule two would be to consider mods that are reversible if your looking at the "collectible" value of the SGT, but face it, these cars probably aren't going to be valuable until most of us are dead and gone, so see rule one!


Have fun and drive that sucker!


Oh, and White is the fastest color!





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Here are a few more ideas. I copied and pasted my current 'mod list' from my profile page. Happy modding! :shift:

Powerplant MMR 5.0 Stroker 950 Street Mod Motor

ARP 2000 fasteners - main caps/heads/rods/balancer/flywheel

ATI super street crank pulley 8-rib 10% overdrive

ATP Turbo vented oil catch can

Clevite 77 H-Series tri-metal main and rod bearings

Comp XFI SPR stage 3 cams

Comp beehive valve springs

Comp cam phaser limiters

Comp titanium valve spring retainers

FelPro extreme duty head gaskets

FRPP aluminum block

K&N crankcase breathers

Kellogg 8 bolt forged stroker steel racing crankshaft

Manley 4340 forged H-beam rods

Manley forged pistons +.020" - 9.0:1CR

Manley oversized forged stainless steel intake/exhaust valves

MMR SVT oil pump with teflon coated thrust plate

Moroso black powdercoated aluminum 7 quart oil pan

Power Heads stage 3 port/polish cylinder heads

Royal Purple 5W30 synthetic oil

Royal Purple synthetic power steering fluid

Sealed Power piston rings

Steeda heavy duty belt tensioner

Thump RRR Racing 90mm billet idler pulley

Thump RRR Racing 76mm billet tensioner idler

TSS billet oil pump gears



DiabloSport MAF.ia interface adapter

FRPP intake manifold

FRPP IAT sensor relocation kit

HPX slot-style MAF sensor

Paxton Novi 1200SL satin supercharger

Vortech 3.33" supercharger pulley

Vortech Maxflow race blowoff valve



Ashcroft 100# liquid filled rail mounted fuel pressure gauge

FRPP GT500 dual fuel pumps

FRPP fuel injector adapter kit

Metco natural finish high flow fuel rails

SiemensDeka 63# flow matched fuel injectors



JetHot 1700* extreme sterling silver coating

Kooks long tube headers - 1 3/4" primary x 3" collector

Kooks x-pipe 3" x 2 1/2"

Magnaflow 3" high flow cats

Magnaflow muffler deletes

Stage 8 locking header bolts



FRPP zero degree spark plugs

Odyssey PC1700 battery

Road Rage 200 amp circuit breaker

SCT Livewire

Summit Racing ignition coils

Taylor aluminum battery box trunk relocation kit

VMP Tuning custom 91 octane tune

Vendicated Tuning custom race tune



EMP Stewart high performance water pump

Fel-Pro thermostat o-ring

Moroso black powdercoated aluminum coolant reservoir

RedLine Water Wetter coolant additive

Reische Performance 170* thermostat

Paxton air-to-air intercooler

Shelby high performance radiator

Snow Performance 'Stage 3 Boost Cooler' meth injection

Snow Performance solenoid upgrade kit

Summit Racing black in-line radiator hose filler w/ FRPP cap


Suspension Griggs Racing GR40ST rear suspension

FRPP front dampers

Griggs Racing road race adjustable rear lower control arms

Griggs Racing torque arm

Griggs Racing severe duty adjustable panhard bar

Griggs Racing axle & shock support bracket kits

Griggs Racing heim joints throughout

Koni rear coil-overs w/ street shocks & 225# springs

Prothane 1/2" lowering heavy duty motor mounts



FRPP 4.10 gears

FRPP aluminum flywheel

FRPP roller pilot bearing

RedLine 75W140 synthetic gear oil

RedLine D4ATF synthetic trans fluid

Spec Stage 3+ clutch

TA differential stud kit



FRPP center caps

Front - FRPP GT500 wheels 18" x 9.5"

Rear - FRPP GT500 wheels 18" x 10.5" (Weldcraft widened)



Front - Toyo RA1 275/35ZR18

Rear - Toyo RA1 305/35ZR18



FRPP tow hook with custom mounting bracket

Griggs Racing bolt in roll bar

H3R halon chrome 2.5 lb. fire extinguisher

H3R billet fire extinguisher roll bar mounting bracket/clamp



Baer Decelarotor slotted/cross drilled rear rotors

FRPP Brembo front calipers/rotors

G2 red high temp caliper paint

Goodridge stainless steel brake lines

Hawk HPS pads

Motul RBF 660

Stainless steel speed bleeder valves


Exterior Styling

Painted le mans stripes

Painted custom front fascia

Painted blue side mirrors

Silver pit stripes

Shelby Super Snake hood vents

Shelby Bash 'Bullrun' decals

Shelby aluminum quarter window covers

Shelby chrome lower grill

SGT faux gas cap emblem

HID headlights

35% black onyx tint

Griggs Racing windshield banner


Interior Styling

IUP black/charcoal

Autometer A-pillar gauge pod

Autometer Cobalt wideband A/F gauge

Autometer Cobalt electrical boost/vacuum gauge

Shelby headrest covers

SGT leather trim/silver stitch console lid

FRPP floor mats

SGT dead pedal

CS signed airbag cover

Snow Performance meth injection controller


Engine Bay Styling

ATP Turbo black silicone intercooler couplers

ATP Turbo red silicone vacuum hose

Matte black painted intercooler plumbing

Clampco T-bolt clamps

Shelby hood scoop - custom functional

Shelby American/Paxton retro engine bay plaque

Shelby engine cap set

Shelby fuse box cover

JLT carbon fiber radiator cover

Ford black powdercoated motor mount adapters

Ford black powdercoated timing cover

FRPP black powdercoated cam covers

FRPP strut tower brace

Steeda billet hood struts

Scott Drake billet underhood hardware

TurboHoses red silicone bypass valve hoses

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