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widening 20" razor wheels


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Hey guys.

I have an 08 gt500 and have been thinking of new wheels and see that people are widening the super snake 20" wheels to 11.50-11.75" and runnning a 335 30 20 on the rear. If I buy a set of 20" razors and have them widened to 11.50" will they fit ok? I know theres going to be trimming of the snubber brace and I'm ok with that.

thanks for your help. Steve Keech sarasota florida.

I also have one front 20" super snake wheel. The real deal with the "super snake " embossed in the lip.

I was going to try to get a full set of them but it will take to long to find the other 3 and I'm too impatient.

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