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Question about drive abilty

philip 87

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Need your assistance guy's.

I am going to install GT500 wheels that I just purchased on my GT-H. The tires are LIKE NEW.

I want to run the front tire size on all 4 corners (P255/45ZR18) and sell or trade the rear tires (P285/40ZR18).

Is this a bad idea? The GT-H certainly does not have the horsepower like the GT-500 and does not need rear tires of that size.

I use the car occasionally but I do track the car twice a year

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I run the GT500 Goodyear F1s "Fronts" on all 4 corners using the OEM 18" Chrome Wheels...


A much better performance tire than the original BFG...


However, the F1s will wear faster and are NOT recommended for driving when ambient temps are under 40 degrees F.


I use them for both Open Track events and non-competition nights at the local Drag Strip...


I also like being able to rotate all 4 tires from front to back, and not just side to side...




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