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Wheel/tire sizing

Toy Cobra

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I have the 20"rear and 19" front SVT wheels on my 2011 with the performance package and I'm considering downsizing to 19s or even 18s all around so I can put some sticky tires on for (spirited) off road driving.

I've seen where it is not recommended to deviate more than 3% of the overall wheel/tire diameter from the stock setup. If i go to the 18s it will definitely be more than a 3% diameter difference and even with the low selection of 19" competition tires it will be hard to find a wheel/tire combo that keeps close to the original diameter. I plan on keeping the same size on all four corners. I have gone to the sites where you can plug in different wheel/tire sizes and it will calculate the deviation and wheel rpm.


Does anyone know or have you had any experience with making a drastic wheel/tire diameter increase/decrease from the stock setup, will the ABS braking and the Advancetrack sensors think something is wrong? I do turn off the traction control and advancetrack while performing my spirited driving.


I want to be sure this will work and I don't have sensors going crazy before sticking alot of cash into wheels and tires.

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