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HST Closes


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I had a heads up on this last week due to the interruption of communication on some parts used in my car.


HST International was a specialty automobile manufacturer and "super mod shop". Their primary business was electric and propane conversions, and armored vehicle conversions (like bullet proof limos). While speaking with them right after I bought my Cobra it seemed that the Cobra business was more of a passion of the owners than the primary business, although it might have accounted for significant revenue.


HST manufactured fiberglass and carbon fiber rollers for Shelby. HiTech also makes fiberglass rollers. They were the only manufacturer of carbon fiber rollers (of which my CSX4005LA is one). They were also the manufacturer of the entire finished cars for all of the CSX4000LA series vehicles, include roller and power train installation.


There was an ongoing debate over which was better, but no matter what some dealers had a specific preference for HST-built rollers.


According to other posts here and on other forums material (including tooling and work in progress) are in or on the way to Shelby American in Vegas.

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s a factory authorized Shelby Cobra CSX dealer I have the last seven (7) HST built CSX 6000 fiberglass Cobras at SAI factory, in Las Vegas, being finished up - Until December 1st I will offer them for the old price of $ 49,995.00 (+ options) - They are as follows:


CSX 6063 - Color and options TBD by customer


CSX 6065 - Navy Blue


CSX 6066 - Guardsman blue


CSX 6067 - LeMans Blue


CSX 6068 - Russo F-1 Red


CSX 6069 - Guardsman Blue w/ Wimbledon White LeMans stripes


CSX 6070 - Color and options TBD by customer




Stephen Becker (770) 614 3300

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