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Rick vs The Fire Truck...

John Albani

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Reminds me of a "race" I saw once between an old Flying Jennie and an F8 Crusader. The F8 gave the Jennie the entire length of the runway at Moffett Field head start, then took off, flew to San Diego and back to the finish line first. Pretty exciting, back in the early 60's...

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Damn, all the hard luck......




Thanks for posting. I was actually on dessert and coffee, when they crossed the finish line. :hysterical:



This was one of the most fun moments I can remember! When that fire truck pulled up next to the GTX1 I nearly fell over laughing.


Then the next thing I remember is the GTX1 and Rick are this little tiny dot waaaaaaay down the runway and the fire truck is getting ready to shift to second! I think Rick could have gone to get gas and come back and still won!


Great memories,




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Im telling you, :censored: your suppose to pull over Rick. My job is hard enough without you going arounds and racing firetrucks when clearly he had his reds going :banghead: Ill see you in :angry22: .



:hysterical2: Too dang funny.


I hope Rick gives the Fire Truck a re-match next year. Maybe spot them 100 car lengths.

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