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We get a Boss 302, They get a Boss 335...

John Canfield

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Want. Wonder what it would take to get one here in the states.



Don't know, but there's a photo on Jalopnik of a new Falcon running around Mich. w/mfg. plates on it. Ford could certainly do worse than bringing this RWD sedan to the party with a race history and blown 5.0 to prowl the streets of the US.

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I always liked the Aussie "Utes"


Me too. The Ford FPV GS Ute is great, and I like the Holden SS-V too. I am one who will NOT buy a 4-door, no matter how "sexy" they make it, so of Australia's offerings it would have to be a ute. Left-hand drive, please!

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Reminds me too much of what GM did with the "GTO" - supercar performance in a generic econobox-looking package.


Thanks, but I'll stick with Mustangs.



Not even close IMO, the Falcon has been around for years and, should be brought to America as a Falcon. GM made the mistake of trying to reivive the GTO with the Holden. The falcon is a much nicer looking car

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