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Well here is it, the wait is over


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Every where I go people stair and scream "Nice car" Just picked it up 9/24 and love it. Originally had a 2006 GT conv. and loved that too but this 2011 just blows it out of the water. Put 200mi. on the car the first day.

People are taking picutres while I am parked must be that there arn't too many around So. CT, I've only seen maybe 3 or 4. One comment was " I can't believe that you have a car seat in here!" Well the car is made for driving not sitting in the garage.

I am just can't believe everyones reaction when they see the car.

post-30383-030525300 1286899144_thumb.jpg

post-30383-077727300 1286899153_thumb.jpg

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Welcome to Team Shelby and of course congrats on your new Shelby. Be sure to register your car in the Shelby American Registry, see link in my signature line.


Once registered you may request a registry certificate thru the Shelby Store. There is a direct link to this certificate on the registry homepage.



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