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Shelby American Collection annual party 12/4/2010


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I knew I shouldn't have said anything! I know the dang Colorado weather well. It's turning quick. Oh well, its supposed to still be dry, so at least we can still drive the cars. Shouldn't have said that!



Yep, looks like I won't have the Cobra because it's still getting the clutch transplant. I won't have the top down on the Mustang either, but will probably drive it.

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Carroll didn't make it tonight, but a good time was had by quite a few people. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures but will post a few later.


I got one of the Bondurant Driving School classes in the silent auction.


They lit up the two GT40's. The Ferrari wouldn't start (should we have been surprised :) ) Note to self: Practice making videos with Blackberry.

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As stated earlier Carroll was not able to make it last night. The group present was pretty much the same as last year. Bob Bondurant, Jack Sears, Allen Grant and others.


it looks like Photobucket is now somehow adjusting brightness/contrast. These look lots darker than on my display before uploading.


The fellow at the left is Steve Volk. He is one of the major contributors to the Shelby American Collection and many of the cars here belong to him




Bondrant and Jack Sears




Carroll on a video.




The main guest table.




Walt Hane, Chuck Cantwell and ?. I want one of these ties! Walt is one of the GT350 drivers who also has a speed shop in Evergreen (I mentioned him in the GT350 forum).




On the right here is Scott Black. He is the Shelby American Public Relations person and was the only SA person there.




In the next shots Bob Bondurant is telling a story of a race event that involved both him and Allen Grant. Allen is in the background shaking his head "no" to most of Bob's comments, and then Allen tells "his side of the story". I'm sure there's a little bit of truth in both sides :)







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This is the "barn find" GT350 (R- car #2). Steve Volk owned it and sold it recently. The new owner is keeping it in Boulder for the time being.





This is a hood from an original 1965 GT350 driven by Tom Yeager. The hood was purchased by the new owner of GT350R-2.





I bought one of the Bondurant Driving School classes (proceeds to the Museum). This is a photo of (L-R), Bill Murray - one of the principals of the Shelby American Collection, and a premier restorer of Cobras and GT40, and coincidentally, one hell of a driver. Me, Bob Bondurant and Mrs. Bondurant.




At the end of the party Bob was given a photo of him in one of the early races. It was a 289 car, and everyone was trying to figure out when and where. Steve came over and looked at it and said, well, that's #23xx, and it's right over there. Bob's jaw kind of dropped. The picture was decided to be from 1965, and either as Spa or Nurbergring.




Allen Grant and Jack Sears.



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