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After 17 months since I put my deposit down, my Ebony Vert arrived through the wicked winter weather. I cant wait to see how she drives. While I was looking her over at the dealship, the tint guy said he could get to her today. I did a 20% tint, which is as dark as he will go. She looked good, but very dirty from the trip. I told them they could put it in the showroom until the road get a little better, its killing me to leaver her, but I know she is mine. Good luck to all of you still waiting.

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pictures, hope they turn out.



Sweet - thanks for the pic! I'm trying to get mine in for the tint (have the mole skin ready and everything). I just have not had weather to take it out and have it done. I'm having the guy that does the oned for Don Hinds Ford do mine. I think Pro-Tint is what he calls the company and he's been in it for a long long time.


I couldn't decide if i wanted to go 20% or 35%. At least now I know what one looks like!


Oh yeah & congrats - you're going to love the car!

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