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Ordered My New Tag Today


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After months of mulling this over, and looking at all the suggestions you guys had, the winner is:




I really wanted just plain old GT500KR, but that one is already taken. But the really strange thing is that the guy I spoke to at the tag office said that this must be on an original KR. Ever since Georgia started selling all the school tags years ago, you could not order anything that starts with GT, since those are reserved for Georgia Tech. He said the only way that tag could still be around is that someone got it before the Tech tags came out, so he's grandfathered in, as long as he keeps renewing it. If he lets it lapse, they would not reissue it.


I still wish Georgia would let us get 8 letters. That does open up a lot more options, but we are limited to 7.


What states allow 8 letters? I can't imagine that anyone would have more than 8?

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