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New Owner 2011 GT500- Race Red, White Striped!


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Hey All, I just took delivery of my 2011 GT500 and wanted to share my first impressions with the other owners...

Let me start by saying my previous ride was a 2003 Cobra with the standard upgrades, (Full Bassani Exhaust, CAI, AFCO Heat Exchanger, otherwise the engine was largely stock)

One drive in the GT500 and now your comparing a "Pussy Cat" nice daily driver in the 2003 to what can only be described as a complete ANIMAL!!!

I am so impressed by the low end torque of the 5.4 engine, and the awesome sound of this exhaust, I can't see myself changing a thing!

This thing gets so much attention, I can only say it's like dating the Prom Queen all over again! Just too much damn fun!


I'm sure you all can relate!










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Excellent! Looks like a glass top?


Congratulations :rockon:



Hey tdreed1265, you are correct, this has the glass top. I read some where that the glass roof was a very popular option, but in looking at the available inventory this early in the production run,

it was a difficult combination of paint and options to find. If it wasn't for the Internet I probably would have had to settle for a hard top and paid dearly for an aftermarket glass roof... I'm stoked to get exactly what I wanted without having to compromise or pay way over sticker. ;)

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