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Few things.....


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My 2007 has been a amazing car for me....... untilllll now.......


1. I installed the L&M 66 TB and plenum, Lower 10% bigger pulley, upper 2.6 supercharger pulley, Afeco Intercooler, and CAI....


2. my throttle is sticking for some reason........ answer?


3. my car (bogs) when i give it gas at idle....... (revs to 2000 then returns to like 300RPM then returns to idle 800)


4. now my intercooler Resivor is leaking like a mofo!!!!!!!



aswer to the 2-3 third answer would be helpfull and information on how to approach the 4th one would be nice :/ i love my shelby but damn..... all at once!!!!


Picture will be up soon

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