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Photoshop requst


Make 'em black or not  

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  1. 1. Powdercoat Black

    • Yes
    • No

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Can anyone photoshop my stock GT500 wheels black before I powdercoat them please??










There is a guy down here in AL with a black with blue stripes who powdercoated his wheels....I will see if I can't swing by where he works in the next day or two and get a few pics for you...



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I voted yes but I think it's hard to see what they'd really look like with the shading in that photo. I love the stock rims as-is, but I also think black rims are killer on a gray car. Then you have to tint the windows and the headlights. I've done the windows on mine, but am very interested in tinting the headlights somehow. Do all that and I think you've got Killer.

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The first version that rba44 posted looks like the winner to me. I'd have them try to match that 2sharpie. I think you definitely need to keep them glossy (and as light as possible) to have some reflection and light play on the surface...otherwise they'd just look like a black blob.

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Damn thats nice..............almost a Black-Chrome I would say. I'm starting to lean towards the all black is a bit too much.



Yup I'm with you on that. You take that beautiful Grey tint everything and get the gery parts of those rims black and BLING Your already sweet ride will just be that much better. If I didn't see Kona your color with the black stripes is the way I was leaning

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