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Cruise to Canepa's October 30th


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I am setting up a cruise to Canepa's design in Scotts Valley Saturday October 30th. In case you have never been there you will be in for a treat. On the first floor are cars for sale, Porsche 959, Jerry Titus trans am race car, Shelby T/A car, etc.... Mainly cool race cars with others thrown in the mix. As you go upstairs it houses Bruce Canepa's personal collection, Porsche 935, Richard Petty's Torino, Old salt flat 34 Ford, etc....... They have agreed to take us on a tour of the shop, last time I was there they were restoring a 427 Cobra, Dale Sr nascar, etc..... This place is a must see, I hope you can make it out. My start point will be in Elk Grove off hwy 99 and Grant Line rd. We will leave there by 8am and head down 99, take the cross town fwy and hit I-5. From there we will take 205 over the pass. I am setting up another meet point somewhere there around 9:30am and leave by 9:45am. My plan is to be in Scotts Valley by 11am. I will update this more as the time gets closer, and here is a link to Canepa's. http://www.canepa.com/collection/museum_10_2/index.html

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Right now it looks like the meet spot will be at 4930 Dublin Blvd--off the 580 2 exits before the 680 (off Hacienda). We will leave there at 9:45am. Glad to hear you will be joining us.



This is Starbucks in the I-Max shopping center.


We'll see you there Bruce!!

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Meet at the am/pm at Grant Line rd and hwy 99 at 7:45am. Leave at 8am sharp.


Meet at 4930Dublin Blvd in Dublin (starbucks) at 9:30am. Leave at 9:45am sharp.


Meet at Canepas at 4900 Scotts Valley dr at 11am for our tour.


Leave at 1pm and head to Club Auto Sport in the San Jose area.


Those that want can go to Santa Cruz or head home on their own.

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The Pantera Club (POCO) will also be there!


That is great to hear. Here is a more detailed list with links too.


Thank you for registering for the Canepa/CAS event! You have one more step to complete if you would like to get a free lunch at Club Auto Sport in San Jose. (Registration required before 10-25 so they can prepare enough food- tickets required and need to be presented at CAS) *Late entrants/or passengers can purchase food at the event.


Go here to get your free lunch tickets for you and your passengers (you will be sent a confirmation email with instructions to print them):





Here is the full route:




•Leave AmPm in Elk Grove at 8:00am

•Arrive at Pleasanton Starbucks 9:20am

•Leave Pleasanton Starbucks 9:45am

•Arrive Canepa Museum 11:00am

•Leave Canepa Museum 1:00pm

•Arrive Club Auto Sport 1:40pm

•Event concludes at approximately 4:00pm

This should be a great event!

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Thank you Bruce (cobrakidz) for organizing this event.


If you ever get to the area, take some time to visit the Canepa facility in Scotts Valley. here is a small sampling of some of the museum cars.




There was a whole other floor of "for sale" as well, here is that link



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I actually was on DublinBlvd at 9:30. I am not familiar with the area so I kept driving up and down the street untill I finally found a Starbucks, not the right Starbucks. It was in a store like Safeway. I didn't see any Shelby's so

I asked at the counter if there was another Starbucks in the area. As it turned out they told me the location, next to the theatre. By the time I got there, it was a little after ten and it was starting to rain. I just went home. This direction problem thing is typical for me. Anybody remember Wrongway Peachfuzz? I am sorry and will work on my map quest techniques more diligently in the future. Glad you all had a great time!

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