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So what will be your first "aftermarket" mod?

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Okay, so this post is partly so I can quit staring at the wrong forum strange and random KR tire topic in this thread that has nothing to do with GT350s, but...


Im curious for those of you buying, what will be the first thing you do to your cars non-shelby optioned?


Me? I was thinking roll cage and 5 point harnesses and fire extinguisher, followed closely by rear seat delete.


If SA decides to do a "R" code upfit, they better at least let us know, or I forsee many just doing the mods needed to really run on the track ourselves.

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Sound Of Speed A pillar gauge pod., CS/BMR billet LCAs / adjustable UCA, Street Scene quarter panel side scoops and yellow Terlingua FIA pit stripes (before I leave the SA parking lot)


Next, some sort of shifter upgrade.

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