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Interesting Dealer Certification Information Thread

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Thanks for the info.


the production number goes down every time i hear it.... good for those who are lucky to get one, but makes the market awfully tight. must be having trouble getting Tranny's?


this car is destined to be a classic... low production numbers, last SVT product from beginning to end, SHELBY name, strong look, and MUSCLE!

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As far as 'certification' goes, what is required ? How long does it typically take a non- SVT (or certified dealer) to certify?


I realize that a non-certified dealer will probably not even receive an official allocation until they get certified, however if they already placed an order, will not being certified prevent them from receiving a DORA ?


Also lets say that a non- SVT (or certified dealer) places an order, once they become certified, how will that effect the order? Will the order ever really lose its place in line if the dealer gets certified before Job1 even begins and or before the first orders start getting pulled for assignment of their 'build' date ?

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