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Honest Dealers


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Hello Everybody,


This is my first post...I have really enjoyed reading everyone's information & opinions on the GT500.


There has been alot of dealers taking advantage to make huge profits on this GT500.

Everyone has heard about this & everyone including me is not happy about it.

We all have our opinions on these type of dealers but not all the dealers are crooks.

It's always a few that ruin the name of all.

Let's give the ones that still practice good business ethics some recognition, & let everyone know who the good dealers are.


My dealer is from Ontario, Canada & the dealership's name is Heritage Ford, which is an authorized SVT dealer.

He is selling me the car for MSRP, not a penny less & not a penny more, as he stated.

He figures it will cost around $53,000-$55,000 CDN.

I put down a deposit of $1,000 CDN which is totally refundable if for some reason I am not able to order this car.

He is as well aware of the crazy mark-ups over & above MSRP that certain other dealers are asking for this car & assured me that this is not his dealership's policy on any vehicles.

He has been up front with me, honest, & did not promise 100% I would get the car, but he said my chances of ordering one was excellent.



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Hey LawDude,


I wasn't sure if this topic was covered or not....just signed onto to this forum last night as a new member.


Thanks for the link.....



It happens to the best of us - we'll take your original post and move it over there and delete this thread ;)

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