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What the frick OVER!


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Who the hell decided to remove Blue's thread? There has not been a breach of information on production of a limited production car and someone should cut to the chase!!!!! The production information of a vehicle from past to present is public info as this is evident on the internet. You can find this information in many areas. I have done enough research to know this. In case we have forgotten, wasn't this published in the Detroit free press? The car is so popular this yr the production limit was increased based on the article. If I am buying a 50+ thousand dollar car from a maker I want to know what ever the hell about that car I feel including what the shift worker consumed for lunch that day and Bill Ford's underware color (well maybe not that). Why is it ok for the purchaser of a vet able to watch it roll of the assembly line and we can't find out where the hell our SHELBYS are in the mix let alone go to the plant to see it launched????? I think we deserve some answers and NOW!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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