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Terlingua 2010 Event Opening


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Hi All,


We, have a participant who is unable to make the Terlingua 2010 event.


Terlingua is a great event with a great history. If you are interested you can check it out at: http://www.terlinguapreservationsociety.com/


Please drop me an email if you would like more info or to find out about signing up/space. We have a limited number of rooms and venues are limited and only one vacant spot right now. :salute:






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No one any of us know personally here. We have a guest that will require an operation soon, and he wont be able to attend now. It was a single entry, but we we can fill it in with a single or double....either way.

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Wish I could be there, but there's just is too much is going on with the construction of the new house and maintence/repair of the old house, plus all the landscape work.

We are even changing the path of our lane to be more straight, hmm... might even be good enough for "informal acceleration testing"

when we have it paved after construction work of the house is finished. :headscratch: :D


However, I'll try to do a few laps around the farm in the Terlingua Gator to be there in spirit.

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