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Fly the 1929 Ford Tri-Motor!


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There were some guys from EAA(Experimental Aircraft Assoc.) that came and talked to our local mustang club tonight about this event and it looks pretty cool. They are having a car show on Saturday Sept 4th at the North Little Rock Airport that is for mustangs only.


Trophies in 2 classes, Stock and Custom. You can also get your car's pic taken with the Ford Tri-Motor airplane. You can also FLY in it and even fly it yourself. This thing is a legend if you don't know. I think there are only 3 left in existence and this particular one has quite a history.


Anyway the costs are as follows...


$15 Registration includes registration for the car show and lunch.

$60 Registration includes car show, lunch, and flight in the Tri-Motor

$100 Registration, car show, lunch, fly the Tri-Motor


This thing is making it's round around the south central area so if you don't live close to here you might catch it closer to you. For more info see this site...




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