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SCMC/Parkway Ford Show


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The SCMC invites all TS members to come out and be a part of the action on August 21, 2010 in Winston-Salem, NC. This is one of the largest Mustang and Ford shows in the Carolinas with over 250 cars in attendance. This year, Steve Saleen will be signing his autograph in a special SMS Supercar display. We also have a separate category for Shelby GTs as well as two categories for Shelby GT 500's. Traditionally, we shut the street down and line it up with all SVT Mustangs to include all SVT Cobras and SVT Shelby GT 500's. Space is limited and registrations are still filtering in this month. The first 50 people signed up already are on the "free" tee shirt list and we'll have a special item to give to some SVT Mustang owners who assist at the event. Details and registration forms can be found here:




Hope to see a bunch of SVT and Shelby owners in attendance.

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