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34th Annual Horsefeathers Car Show

V-8 Vixen

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Organized by the Early Mustang Club of Colorado


All Ford-Powered Car Show



1st, 2nd, 3rd and Award of Excellence for 50 percent of class, American Stang Award of Excellence, People's Choice, Merchants Choice, and Best of Show


Entry Fee:

$30.00, includes event T-shirt, 34th Horsefeathers Dash Plaque (see www.earlymustang.com click on "Horsefeathers Car Show" for entry form and more details).


In the area of 909 9th St. , Greeley, CO

Rain or Shine Staging: 8:00 am.

Judging Begins: 10:00 am

Awards Presentation: 2:15 pm

Show Ends: 3:00 pm

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Sorry I'm late but been busy and waiting for something.


First, it was HOT. So hot that I wasn't into much of a photo mood. The camera strap dug into my neck. I drove the Cobra, and as usual, forgot to take any pictures of my own car :)


Here's some shots (two parts) with a few comments.


V-8 Vixens car. She got third place.






The GT350 here always wins. I see Chuck at almost every show I go to.




Down the aisle.




Stan and Charolotte's T-bird is one of the most beautiful restorations I've ever seen. He was getting concourse-like help in how to make a perfect 100.




There were lots of T-birts. Here's an e-Bird. I always liked these the best.










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Much like the California Special, Ford did a "High Country" Mustang for the Rocky Mountain area. These cars were built in the San Jose plant











Galaxie Skyliner (disappearing hard top)




'67 with a 200CI straight 6!!! Look how much room in the engine compartment.





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I never go to car shows with any expectations. Whatever car I bring is to get me there to enjoy the day and look at and take pictures of the other cars.


This particular show had a Cobra category so I brought it instead of the Mustang. It turned out I was the only Cobra, so I figured unless they had a requirement of two or more, that I'd get a default. I did. During the announcements there was another prize that had a similarity to my car but they mangled everything, and I didn't remember my car number. They pronounced the name and it was close, but when I went up they said it was a Mustang, so I wrote it off. I emailed them last week, and they said they would check for any unclaimed plaques. Lo and behold, it was the Cobra that won!


So I got two - one unearned run and a homer!




I think Stan and Charlotte got two for their T-bird and one for the SuperSnake.

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