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Recently I met with Steve of Show Car Detail for some 'hands on' detailing instruction. Steve demonstrated the correct application and use of his products and demonstrated his techniques during

the detail process. He covered everything from the correct way to wash the car, dry the car, using clay, porter cable, polish, glaze and wax. He would then watch and correct my attempts to do exactly as he had shown me.


Prior to this there was only so much I could learn by reading. Steve pointed out many small, didn't give it a thought, type of mistakes I was making by observing what I did. He would explain what I was doing wrong and why.

He provided tips such as checking the detailing towel before each use (once back home I checked each one and found two that had tiny pieces of the clear plastic hang tag material embedded in them) using grit guards, using two wash buckets-two wash mitts- two drying towels (one each for the top of the car, one each for the bottom of the car). The entire time of the class is filled with professional advise and instruction.


Some of you guys have got this down, me it's a learning process because I had never detailed in the professional way that Steve teaches. I highly recommend anyone that's considering taking the

instruction to do it, you'll be surprised at the techniques that really make a difference. Recently someone mentioned Steve is a wizard with black. It is absolute truth. His personal vehicle is a black Shelby that is a daily driver yet it looks awesome.


Before leaving I purchased a number of his products that I had learned of from members on this site. All do an awesome job and are just as great as you guys said they would be. Give Show Car a shout,

Steve is gracious with questions about his products and just as gracious with questions about detailing.


No pictures guys, I'm currently practicing on the wife's car and on my daily driver before I take on our black GT500 (some more great advise from Steve!)

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Rich, thank you for the kind words. It was a pleasure talking to you. Send me some pictures of the snake when you are done detailing it.


Stidog, three mitts is a good way to wash the car as long as you wash the wheels first then the wheel wells. Otherwise the dirt from the wheel wells will scratch the clearcoated wheels. I recomend wheel brushes for the wheels and a separate brush for the wheel wells and tires.

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I have a question about waxing over our stripes. Do we or don't we? I do, but softly and I don't swirl over the edges, but I'm not sure if this will do something adverse long term.

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