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Green Terlingua Toy...


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Made it official and "marked" our green Gator with the appropriate Terlingua decal. (Seems to go well with the JD Green.)

We call it my son's "pick-up" as he uses it all the time here on the farm, including daily trips down to our lake to feed the catfish.



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I wish I could be at T10 with the Terlingua Gator (has 4WD system with top speed of 30+ mph--it would be a threat in the golf cart wars), however, I won't be able to make the trip.

Just too much is going on with getting my son settled into his new school and construction is moving on with the new house, (they poured the basement floor this week).

Now looking to 2011, if the house is actually finished by then.


Here's my son and our dog coming back from a Gator cruise around the farm...


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