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Anyone running these valve covers?


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Considering these from FRPP:




What are your thoughts? Any concerns or complaints?


Also decided to go with the FRPP handling pack too (M-FR3-MSVT)



Should be a good fall :)





I was gonna do the FR3 pack too....but was wondering if they were going to change it to the 2011 shocks and dampers??

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How did you get your Romeo line prodution tag off or do they replace it when you order. I am goping with these as soon as I sell my Big Dog custom bike to do this along with many other mods in the near future ( hint Shelby needs to have a big sale soon).



It is a 2008 GT500, Cover from Bangastang. The tag came off with heat and some TLC from the dealer. He used Silicone to reinstall it and it looks like it came that way from Ford.


I get a little rub from the hood lliner on the Strut Tower Brace but really like the look. All work was done at the dealer along with the CAI and exhaust so I really don't know how long it took.

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