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Had to do it

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Just agreed to trade my 2009 GT500 for a 2011. I couldn't hold out any longer.


It's black with satin black stripes, and has the electronics package (nav).


I'm feeling pretty crazy/stupid at the moment, but damn, it's a nice car.


I'll take delivery Saturday morning, I can't wait!

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Thanks everyone, I can't wait for 9AM.


SteelTownStang: I removed the mods that I could easily get to in one evening crawling around on my back under the car. Swapped out the KR mufflers and watts link and then put the stock nav unit back in. In the end I decided to leave the CAI, tune and pulley on the car. Why not let someone else enjoy the power?


When I put the adj. panhard bar and brace back on I got the panhard bar aligned to 1/16th of an inch difference between the left and right wheels. Also, the car is so much quieter with the stock mufflers. I'd forgotten how big a difference the KRs made.

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Sorry, I forgot to post the pics here.




Drove the car several times this weekend and I am amazed at the difference in performance between the old car and this one. I did row through 1st - 4th gear at WOT a few times. It does get up and move, but even at full boost you can barely hear the supercharger whine. What keeps knocking my socks off is the level of refinement going from the 2009 to the 2011, both performance and aesthetics. The stock 2009 jumped all over the road if you hit a bump, the 2011 doesn't. Handling just feels more precise and balanced.


The interior is at a completely different level. Better materials, better fit and finish. It is attractive, comfortable and functional. Even little details like the new control stalk for the high beams and windshield wipers are better (but maybe that's because I'm left handed). The nav system has been completely re-worked and is light-years beyond the old nav. Everything is integrated into the huge touch screen display, even the climate controls.


I keep coming back to the level of refinement. The car looks, feels and drives the way you would expect (or at least hope) that a 50K top of the line model would. The 2011 is exactly what I've been looking for for the past year. I could have kept dumping money into the 2009, but would never have gotten what I wanted going that route. YMMV.


Oh, the car had 16.7 miles on the odometer when I drove it off the lot, and I put 4 of those on myself during the test drive.

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Exactly my sentiments going from a 2008 to my 2010. The biggest difference....refinement. Probably a lesser jump going from a '10 to an '11.


Going from a 2010 convertible to a 2011 convertible is pretty noticable. But not so much with the coupes.

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