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1968 GT500KR at a car show

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The KR was a mid-year introduction and was available only in 1968 (not considering the new gen cars of course, but for the vintage set 68 only)


Shelby had heard the GM was coming out with a King of the Road Camaro, called up his attorney late one night and said, " call Washington, see if the name is trade marked", to which the attorney replied, 'i'll get on it in the morning", followed up be Carroll stating, "if you don't get this to me tonite, there'll be another attorney on it in the morning".


The next morning, Carroll had it trade marked, and the rest is Shelby history, GM was left standing and shaking their collective heads. Would've liked to been a fly on the wall to see the :fan: when the GM execs found out about that one..

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