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Well, our Daily Fish Wraper has hit a new low. As of Yesterday, they are now charging $9.98 a Month to view it on line. It is bad enough that they would change the layout of the Paper (for the worse) every 18 to 24 Months and the Reporters really REALLY really suck, they want you to pay to view it on line. I usually only go to the on line edition to see if I know any of the recently arrested criminals. They have more iritating Adverting on line then any other Newspaper I have seen, you know the ones, the ones that come alive and cover the whole pape for about 10 to 15 seconds. It seems that every time you turn around, they raise the Prices of Advertising including the Classifieds. Used to be that you could place a classified to sale your Car for just 39.95 for 4 Weeks, now it is $79.99 for 2 weeks. Classifieds used to be its own section, now it is just one page. I don't see this Paper being around much longer. They just don't get it. SO, how does your Local Daily News Paper stack up?

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Everything print is having trouble. They should just kill it and charge a reasonable price for the on line version. I've watched Colorado go from two award winning print papers - the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post - to both papers under a single holding company (sharing weekend editions), to the Rocky folding, to the post having fewer pages over time. The advertisers have seen ad prices more than double. I expect that the Post will fold too within 10 years or less.

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I haven't subscribed to a local paper in about 20 years; I've been getting any news I need on-line or from TV. I guess I was a "pioneer" in that respect! :lol:

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