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Signature Pics/Pic Size


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How do you upload pics in your signature area? Also, how do you upload pics that appear larger (screen size), not the little squares that have to be clicked-on to open? Thanks!



The easiest way is to open a free account in Photobucket.com. Upload any pictures you may want to use in your sig or even in your posts. You then copy the URL of each/any picture in Photobucket to your sig when you edit it and the picture will show up. Just remember that the bigger the picture in Photobucket, the bigger the picture in your sig. It may take some trial and error to get the size just right.


Hope this gets you started.



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Yes indeed, follow what John (SoCalSGT) says. If you want fixed size pictures as opposed to clickable thumbnails, then make sure you...


1. Set the size of the picture file when you upload it into Photobucket, just make sure the the size does not exceed the maximum allowable file space for posting pictures here.


2. Copy the correct HTML/URL link from Photobucket that you will paste in your signature. PB will create several URL's, and it's up to you to copy the one(s) that are not "clickable thumbnails".


Those are the basics which help you get your pictures posted, but post any other questions that you might have here, and we will do our best to answer them for you.

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