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Who's still paying their loans?

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I never had a college loan...but I'll be paying for my daughter's college starting in 10 years.... :cry:


edit - this is the reason I can't get the supercharger, by the way! That's real sacrifice, I would say!!! :hysterical:

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My dad paid for my schooling and I had to pay for the rest (room and board)...........................of course that was 30+ years ago and it was alot cheaper then it is today.



My two girls put themselves through nursing school on a program paid for by the clinic. The deal was that they would pay for your schooling and you would have to work for them for a number of years..............a real sweet deal......they get paid just as much as everyone else and have all the benefits, plus they work 35 hrs a week and get paid for 40hrs.

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Graduated High School on Thursday and started working here that Monday.........AND I'M STILL HERE :banghead:. 29 years today.


Both Jessica and Danny were pay as you go, so no loans.

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