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decided to keep the 19s until someone buys them so im gonna sell te tires and get somethin better lookin and with better traction...


what size is everyone upgrading to? the rear looks fine but i may go to a 295 and i hate the look of the front...the tire looks stretched to fit the wheel.

i like a nice smooth flat sidewall. so what size beside the factory 255/40 is everyone runnin that comes out to the same or similar size just with a better fit to the wheel???

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I would not add width to the front. The wider the tires on the front the slower the car is going to react going into a corner, also going to add stress to the steering components.


Now for the rear, when I get the cash I am going to squeeze 305's on the stockers. My car is 100% street driven daily driver so they 305's will work perfect.



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